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This new series has received remarkable endorsements from American bishops,Catholic biblical scholars, and pastoral leaders from throughout the Catholic Church.

“Threshold Bible Study offers solid scholarship and spiritual depth. Drawing on the Church's living Tradition and the Jewish roots of the New Testament, Threshold Bible Study can be counted on for lively individual study and prayer, even while it offers spiritual riches to deepen communal conversation and reflection among the people of God.”
Scott Hahn, Professor of biblical theology, Franciscan University of Steubenville

“Threshold Bible Study offers those who want to begin faith-filled and prayerful study of the Bible with a user-friendly tool that is made just for them. Each volume is made up of short chapters with a biblical text, a brief but insightful commentary, focused questions, and a prayer. These books will open readers to a new and stimulating way to encounter the Word of God.”
Leslie J. Hoppe, O.F.M., Professor of Old Testament Studies, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

“Threshold Bible Study is a refreshing approach to enable participants to ponder the Scriptures more deeply. The thematic material is clearly presented with a mix of information and spiritual nourishment. The questions are thoughtful and the principles for group discussion are quite helpful. This series provides a practical way for faithful people to get to know the Bible better and to enjoy the fruits of biblical prayer.”
Irene Nowell, O.S.B., Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison, Kansas, Editorial committee for Old Testament translation of the New American Bible

“The distance many feel between the Word of God and their every-day lives can be overwhelming. It need not be so. Threshold Bible Study is a fine blend of the best of biblical scholarship and a realistic sensitivity to the spiritual journey of the believing Christian. I recommend it highly.”
Francis J. Moloney, S.D.B., The Katharine Drexel Professor of Religious Studies, The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

“Stephen Binz offers an invaluable guide that can make reading the Bible enjoyable (again) and truly nourishing. A real education on how to read the Bible, this series prepares people to discuss Scripture and to share it in community.”
Jacques Nieuviarts, professor of Scripture, Institut Catholique de Toulouse, France

“Stephen Binz has extensive experience in developing materials for Bible study groups. He has taken the best features of God's Word Today magazine and adapted them for group use. Threshold Bible Study provides practical help in reading and sharing Scripture as God's word.”
George Martin, Founding Editor, God's Word Today magazine


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