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Threshold to God's Word (VHS)
The Threshold to God's Word video is designed to help viewers break down their fears of reading the Bible and to motivate them to make Bible reading a regular part of their lives. This motivational presentation challenges viewers to:
--read the Bible both for information and transformation
--overcome barriers to reading the Bible with understanding
--understand what the text meant and what it means today
--discover the divine message beneath the cultural context
--interpret with expectancy, always looking for something new
--learn a method for reading which leads to reflection and prayer;

Also available on DVD

In the Beginning There Were Stories: Thoughts about the Oral Tradition of the Bible
Storytelling is a key element of our faith, and the Bible is a true repository of faith stories. Stories of God's action in history, rooted in the culture of the people, were handed down in oral fashion, sometimes for generations before they were ever written down. In this latest book, popular author Bill Bausch uses the key of storytelling to help readers approach the Bible with new eyes and hearts. In his conversational style and with many examples and anecdotes, he discusses revelation, truth wrapped in story, the difference between print and the oral story, and the chasm between the biblical culture and contemporary culture. Father Bausch believes that God's passionate love is revealed not in doctrine and dogmas but in the stories of Scripture.
Seven Days with: Luke
Seven Days with the Gospel of Luke provides for a retreat of seven days, offering suggestions for reflection and meditation. The retreat is based on the spiritual dynamics found in Luke's gospel. On this retreat we want to know Jesus as Luke came to know him, to see him as Luke did. Luke was a physician who saw not only the personal ills of the people who figure in his gospel, but also the spiritual ills of the times. The suggested prayers and action responses help bring the reflections to life. Father Donder's book can also serve as a study guide for those who wish to delve more deeply into the gospel of Luke.
Seven Days with: Mark
Mark's gospel reads like a mystery. Who is this Jesus, and what are his intentions? Why doesn't anyone seem to understand him? How should we relate to him? Why does Mark's gospel start with the words, "The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God"? What is that good news? During this retreat, Fr. Donders helps readers uncover the mystery. Here we come to know Jesus in his moments of teaching, healing, suffering, and glory, and we learn not only what his life is about but also what our own lives are about in relation to his.
Seven Days with: Matthew
This beautiful little resource offers the opportunity to spend time in prayer and reflection guided by the Gospel of Matthew. It serves as a mini-retreat with morning and evening prayers and meditations. Recommended for all who want insights into the meaning of this gospel.
Seven Days with: John
With meditations for both morning and evening, Fr. Donders uses John's gospel to follow Jesus and see him as those who walked with him did: in his moments of teaching, healing, suffering, and glory. In doing so, we are drawn into our own story, to learn not only what the life of Jesus is all about but also what our own lives are about. Fr. Donders provides an excellent prayer experience for individuals and groups who wish to delve more deeply into the most sublime of all the gospel accounts.
12 Strong Women of God
These original and beautifully told stories present twelve biblical women who faced great challenges to fulfill God's plan for them. Readers will recognize some of the challenges they face in their own lives as they reflect on the heroism of Miriam, witness the struggle of Deborah, and the loyalty of Ruth. The first person narrative brings these women fully to life and allows readers to connect with them in very personal ways.
The Jesus Women
"Though everything I was to face--joys and horrors unknown to any woman but me--the Spirit was my strength, my only comfort. The Spirit cleaved to me despite my unspeakable anguish when Jesus died on the cross, but even then God was with me. Even then. Even now." --Mary, mother of Jesus These twelve extraordinary first-person narratives are from women who were contemporaries of Jesus Christ. Each experienced him in a unique way and each became a disciple in her own right. Mary, his mother; Anna, the prophetess; the widow of Nain; the Samaritan woman at the well; Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus; and seven others, all tell their stories about Jesus and the profound affect he had on their lives and their faith. Each story is drawn from Scripture and invites a personal response through an "Active Meditation" and a series of pertinent and powerful reflection questions. Marci Alborghetti is author of Twelve Strong Women of God: Biblical Models for Today and When Lightning Strikes Twice, both available from Twenty-Third Publications. She is a regular contributor to Guideposts.
O Gracious One
Like the biblical psalms that inspired them, the psalm-prayers of O Gracious One are powerful, poignant, and poetic. They are prayers for every moment of our lives, prayers that express--in language that is fresh and relevant--distress, sorrow, anger, friendship, the frailty of our human condition, and an unshakable faith and hope in God. Open this book of prayer when you need to be heartened or consoled, or to praise and thank God. Lift up your voice with these words; let them touch the deepest recesses of your heart and mind, and transform your life. These psalm-prayers are perfect for use during your own personal prayer time or with a group, as you turn your thoughts and self to God, the Gracious One.
The World of Jesus
The hunger to know more about Jesus has not diminished in the two thousand years since he walked this earth. He once asked his disciples, "Who do you say that I am?" Ever since then, beginning with the gospels, innumerable books have tried to give an answer. Of course, Jesus does not stand apart from his world. To try to understand him fully, we must take into account his religious heritage, the social and cultural environment, history, geography, politics, economics--all the elements that help shape society and individuals lives. In The World of Jesus, Joanne Turpin takes us on a detailed tour of Jesus' world, almost as a video program would. She arranges the story of his ministry around three themes: Jesus as Healer, as Teacher, and as the Way for all who would follow him. Four chapters develop each theme by focusing on individuals in the Bible whose stories illustrate the theme, beginning with a relevant gospel incident and brief commentary. The commentary is followed by a more in-depth examination of the cultural, historical, and other factors that contributed to the first-century attitudes, customs, and practices of Jesus and his contemporaries. Anyone aspiring to a fuller understanding of the Jesus of the gospels will find The World of Jesus as a revelation.

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