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(for prayerfully reading and studying Scripture)

Lectio divina (sacred reading) is an ancient spiritual art that is being rediscovered in a new way today. It is a method for reading the Bible that moves from reading, to reflection, to prayer, to action.

Pope Benedict XVI recently advocated this time-honored method: “If the practice of lectio divina is effectively promoted, I am convinced that it will produce a new spiritual springtime in the Church… The ancient tradition of lectio divina should be encouraged through the use of new methods, attentively pondered, adapted to the times.”
—Pope Benedict XVI, “The Bible in the Life of the Church” Conference, Rome

Elements of Lectio Divina
Reading the text with a listening ear and interpreting the text with an attentive mind.

Reflecting on the message of the text and its meaning for today.

Oratio and Contemplatio
Praying from the heart which flows from reading and reflecting on the text.

Conversing about the Bible and forming a community of faith.

Witnessing to God's word in the context of daily life and making a difference in the world.

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