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Meditatio – Reflecting on the Text

After careful reading and interpretation of the text with the help of solid commentary, Catholic Bible study helps the reader meditate on the text. Usually this is done with questions for reflection. Penetrating questions are absolutely essential for quality Bible study because they facilitate personal transformation.

Good questions for reflection assist us in personally integrating the text at a deeper level. First, questions help us ruminate on the text. They invite us to go back and focus on some aspect of the text or commentary, encouraging a careful and thoughtful response. Second, questions ask us to probe more deeply. They challenge us to create a dialogue between the text and the information we have from other sources and life experiences. Third, questions challenge us to apply our learning to our lives in a practical way. In short, questions should respond to all dimensions of the human personality: the intellectual, the affective, and the behavioral – the head, the heart, and the hands.

3. Oratio – Praying in Response to God’s Word

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