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Lectio – Reading the Bible

Catholic Bible study must always lead participants to the sacred text itself. The Bible should not be studied merely as proof texts to support doctrines or teachings. Through the sacred text, God speaks to us. The Bible has been called God’s love letter to humanity. The Bible offers not just information, but promotes Christian formation and leads to personal transformation. By developing a daily practice of Scripture reading, we create the habit of personal communication with God.

Good biblical commentary teaches us to approach the text with reverence and expectation. Deep respect for the text grounds all interpretation of Scripture in the original meaning intended by the human author. With this foundation, the richer meanings of the text can be understood with fidelity and integrity. The commentary encourages readers to explore the canonical, Christological, and ecclesial meaning of the text – what the text means in the context of the whole Bible, in the light of Christ’s coming, and as the word of God speaking to his church.

2. Meditatio – Reflecting on the Text

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