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Five Simple Steps: Parish Bible Study
Learn an ancient practice of studying Scripture to deepen your intimacy with God

The ancient practice of lectio divina (sacred reading) can be an effective guide to creating a successful parish Bible study. Rooted in the Jewish tradition and nurtured throughout the centuries of Christianity, lectio divina is a way of studying the biblical text as a personal encounter between God and the reader. In attentive study and listening to the Scriptures, God speaks and invites our response in prayer. This ancient method – lectio, meditatio, oratio, collatio, and operatio – contains all the important elements of Catholic Bible study.

This time-honored method of Bible study is experiencing a revival in our day. At a recent conference in Rome entitled “The Bible in the Life of the Church,” Pope Benedict XVI said this: "If the practice of lectio divina is effectively promoted, I am convinced that it will produce a new spiritual springtime in the Church… The ancient tradition of lectio divina should be encouraged through the use of new methods, attentively pondered, adapted to the times.”

1. Lectio – Reading the Bible

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